About Us

Jason Spalding


At Jason's core is the belief that organizational success is achieved through investing in your people. He recognizes that the workplace has undergone a significant shift in recent years with the advent of COVID and the "Great Resignation," and he strives to help organizations adapt to this new reality. Gone are the days of transactional HR; instead, Jason is committed to helping his clients build the best possible program to meet their unique needs.


With a diverse background that includes roles as a General Manager, Director of HR, and Human Rights expert, Jason brings valuable insights and experience to the table. He has worked in a range of industries, from airlines to government to CPG to Pharma, and is able to leverage his learnings to build customized solutions for each of his clients.


Jason has a diverse background that includes experience in multiple industries and a strong athletic history. He was a former athlete on Canada’s National Track and Field Team and a NCAA scholarship recipient. Throughout his career, he has coached various teams, coaches, and athletes, ranging from college teams to Olympians and professionals. Jason has also coached Special Olympics and gained valuable insights into creating inclusive environments. He uses his experience working in demanding environments to build winning teams that value inclusion, recognition, and support as essential ingredients for success.


Jason's credentials include a degree in Sociology from Carleton University, a Human Resources Certificate from Sheridan College, and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. He has also completed a range of professional development initiatives, including the CHRL and CHRP designations from the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), as well as certifications in Six Sigma, Optimizing Diversity Certificate (University of Pennsylvania), Psychological Leadership Certificate (University of New Brunswick), and Mediation Training.


When working with clients, Jason takes an engaging and collaborative approach, seeking to truly understand their unique challenges and opportunities before developing customized strategies to address them. His past successes include doubling annual revenue (30M to 60M), improving employee satisfaction from 28% to 82%, and decreasing annual absenteeism from an average of 13% to 8%.


Overall, Jason is dedicated to helping his clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace and build high-performing, inclusive teams that drive success.